How to Ensure a Safe Baby Bath Time

From the beginning, new parents are somewhat reluctant or unsure about their baby’s first bath. This is entirely normal and should, therefore, be expected as babies are vulnerable in their first few months of life. The reality is that several injuries have been reported when parents bathe their new baby. Don’t worry, though, as such events are unusual and rarely occur. Although this scenario does not happen often, parents and babies can suffer from trauma if it does. The American Pediatric Association has provided some valuable guidelines so that parents may ensure that baby bath time remains safe.

Set Your Eyes on Baby

In terms of caring for your new baby, you must keep in mind some essential details to protect the health and safety of your baby. Paying attention to well-experienced professionals helps you avoid baby’s bathing hazards. First thing first, you should always be right next to your baby all the time. Even for a second, you must not step away. The baby can’t sit, and they can’t do anything about it if something goes in your mouth or nose.

Nothing such as being too careful

You will need to be vigilant when your baby first comes home. This doesn’t mean that you have to be paranoid, though. Accidents can occur, even if the parents are extremely cautious. That is why parents should keep their eyes peeled for safety problems in the baby’s bath surroundings. You must examine the baby’s tub and the space around it any time the baby has a bath, even if the baby still can not see or reach anything around them.

Slow and Steady

Take your time to make gentle steps as you carry your baby into the water. During bath time, you don’t want to startle your baby. Have an enjoyable and relaxing bathing time, it’s time for your baby and you to bond together. The more comfortable bathing time is, the more enjoyable this bond between you and your child would get. While it should be fun, safety should be the first concern.

Removing Baby Bath Hazards

You should always have an eye on the baby from the second you step into the bath area. Don’t be distracted by anything, and stay right beside your baby. If you place toys inside the bathtub, it is essential to use only large enough ones to avoid choking hazards. To make sure about the right size, create a ring with your thumb and index finger. If the toy fits the opening, then it may present a choking risk.

Creating a Comfortable Baby Bath

Another crucial point is the water temperature. You have to make sure that the water is not too hot, as it could cause burns. On the other hand, the water shouldn’t be too cold, as it could startle the baby. You can assess the temperature with the inner skin of your wrist or your elbow.

It is essential to realize that, though it may be a scary idea, the baby could drown even in shallow water. To avoid slipping, choose a tub with a rubber surface. Hold your baby always to make sure they don’t slip. Make sure the towel and clothing for your baby are within reach, so you don’t have to walk away from the bathtub at any moment.