5 Recommendations to Take Care of Your Neonate Baby


For the first year of a newborn’s life, exclusive breastfeeding is strongly advised. It offers the kid the best nutrients to thrive and develop. In fact, during the first few weeks of the newborn’s life, he or she should be breastfed 8 to 10 times a day. As a mom, you need to learn whether your baby is adequately fed. Two signals that your baby eats well are four or more wet diapers a day or a bowel movement three and sometimes more times a day.

Exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life is strongly recommended


Don’t be surprised if your little baby sleeps most of the time. Infants usually sleep around 12 to 20 hours per day, most of the time. Most physicians are advising to put the baby on his/her back on a firm mattress when you are putting your baby to sleep. During the cold season, babies should be wrapped in a cozy pajama to keep them warm instead of using bedsheets.

Bowel movements

It is easy to know whether your baby has a bowel movement. This generally is clear when he or she becomes pretty hard to please, his or her face gets red and begins to cry and moves both legs. Neonate babies usually pass a lot of gas, so do not be surprised if that frequently happens. It’s very natural for your baby to pass stool a couple of times a day if he or she is breastfed. Babies who are feeding on formula milk, on the other hand, do not produce stools as often. If you ever see traces of blood in your baby’s feces, contact the baby’s doctor immediately.

Dressing your newborn

It’s essential to give your baby the right clothes. Make sure to use comfortable and suitable clothes. It would be best if you put on wool hats and socks during the cold season. While parents often want to make their baby look stylish, it’s really not a good idea to overdress your poor little one. However, babies struggle to adjust their body temperature and therefore depend on clothing layers to retain the correct amount of heat.

Baby’s day out

It can be fun to take your infant newborn out. But take into account when and where your baby can safely accompany you. Always keep the weather in your mind. Try to limit your trips to nice days. It is essential to keep your baby away from people who have any form of contagious illnesses such as cold. Also, remember that babies’ skin is susceptible, so stay away from direct sunlight. Therefore, don’t take your child to crowded areas when your child is only a few months old.

In summary, it is an enjoyable experience to parent your newborn child properly. Not only can you individually address the needs of your kid, but you can also enjoy an excellent chance to bond with your little baby.