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Healthy Food for Kids

Healthy food systems are defined as systems that contain all the nutrients that the human body needs in moderate proportions, so the percentage of fats or sugars should not exceed the body’s need, so as not to cause some problems in the future. The contents of healthy food for children include the following: Various proteins, and it is necessary to vary between vegetable and animal

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Tips to Maintain baby teeth’s

The clean teeth of the child are a basic foundation for building clean and free teeth, and of course, the child is just like the adult human whose teeth need special care and attention, as the child’s teeth are exposed almost daily to many influences that affect the teeth, the most important of which are sweets and through this article, We review how to clean

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Loss of Appetite in children: Causes and Treatment

The loss of a child’s appetite for food is considered one of the most problems affecting families, and mothers often complain about the problem of loss of appetite in their children, especially at an early stage, and what exacerbates the problem is the mother’s wrong reaction to the matter, such as giving food to her child forcibly, or increasing anxiety grumbling about it; Which preoccupies

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Children’s Anxiety About Exams: Causes and Treatment

The old man may bear when he is overwhelmed by anxiety in certain situations of life, but anxiety in children is a problem that needs a quick solution by the family, and one of the most prominent times when anxiety is present in children are the days of exams, In those days, the child was worried about the difficulty of the questions, as well as

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Allergies in Children

Allergy or allergy in children is one of the common diseases that affect a child in different stages of his life. Allergies in children vary between an allergy to a specific food, a local allergy that affects the skin or part of it, or a respiratory allergy that affects the child’s upper respiratory system. Causes of skin allergy in children: In his daily life, the

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Uptight in children – How to get rid of it?

Uptight is a common problem for some children and haunts the family, and the child may acquire it from the surrounding environment. The most important reasons leading to the children uptight are summarized in that uptight may be caused by anxiety or a feeling of helplessness, shock and neglect, or acquired from parents and family, or emotional challenges, as the child may be exposed to

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The Phenomenon of Delayed Speech in Children

Language for the individual is the main means of communication and communication with the surroundings around him, and our children undoubtedly learn the language from an early age, either by listening to their parents or integrating with society, But sometimes the child is late to speak for a reason that we will explain in a later paragraph of this article  And if the family does

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Sweets and Children – a Hidden Enemy or a Close Friend ?!

There is nothing nicer for a child than to give him a piece of sweets, as children feel happy after eating sweets and prefer them over other useful foods; This is because of its composition, which consists mainly of sugar, in addition to some other elements depending on the type of candy, such as fatty materials, colors and artificial flavors, and the nutritional value of

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