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How a Nanny Cam Can Save Your Life

Many of us might have seen the Hollywood movie Nanny Cam directed by Nancy Leopardi. Maybe you read news about parents discovering their children being mistreated by a babysitter. Many such moments have been caught on camera leaving parents shocked, and sometimes delighted. For instance, one babysitter used her presence of mind to save the baby from a home invader. She grabbed the baby just in time and fled to safety. 

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Top Parenting tips

Top 5 Parenting Tips For All New Parents

Parenting can be stressful, particularly for new parents. You, like most parents, definitely want to raise safe, healthy, and educated children. You may have some thoughts on how to do this already. Here are some excellent tips for parents to help families develop the full potential of their children. Edit Post Add title

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Baby playing piano

Is Baby Music the Secret to Making Kids Happier?

How can I get my baby to relax with baby music? As a parent, hearing a baby cry can be painful, making you feel helpless and you might have had an urge to turn to baby music for some respite. A good parent could do nearly anything to make their little baby happy and comfortable. One of the best ways to help your kid relax again is to play

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Baby bath time

How to Ensure a Safe Baby Bath Time

From the beginning, new parents are somewhat reluctant or unsure about their baby’s first bath. This is entirely normal and should, therefore, be expected as babies are vulnerable in their first few months of life. The reality is that several injuries have been reported when parents bathe their new baby. Don’t worry, though, as such events are unusual and rarely occur. Although this scenario does not happen often,

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How to get some sleep as a parent

5 Tips To Help New Parents Get Some Sleep

The excitement of a new child is definitely exhilarating for all new parents. Nonetheless, a lack of sleep is a significant problem when having a new infant, and it is known that new parents get very little sleep. Luckily, when the new baby arrives, there are a few techniques and tricks to help new parents sleep a bit. You won’t get a load of sleep with a

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Newborn care

5 Recommendations to Take Care of Your Neonate Baby

Having a little baby is truly one of the most lovely things that might happen in a mom’s life. Yet, it’s also tricky. Raising your newborn kid isn’t straightforward. It takes loads of effort and patience to raise your kid until he or she finally reaches the stage of full development. Although in many situations, this task is not easy at all, the fun outweighs

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