“Children’s Lack of Focus”: a Distracting Problem for the Child and Threatening the Family.

The problem of lack of mental focus in children is one of the problems that trouble many parents; Because it negatively affects the child’s ability to achieve academic achievement and succeed in academic life and normal life in general, and the problem is worrisome for the family that is waiting for a good response from its child, if it was inside the house, school and the street, and thus the problem directly affects the child and the family because the child is running a lot and playing He forgets the information provided to him, and may cause more problems for the injured and those around him, and this problem affects children between four and twelve years of age, and it appears clearly among males at a rate of up to three times the rate of infection among females

The reasons that lead to the child’s dispersion and lack of focus vary, including psychological or physical, or both reasons, so the reasons must be searched before moving on to appropriate treatment methods.

Types of lack of mental focus in children:

  • Reckless hyperactivity: children with this type tend to talk and run at inappropriate times, and they cannot play quietly, and they may go to interrupt their friends while talking or playing.
  • Inattention: children with this type tend to lose focus in work and not listen, which makes them fall into problems and do things wrong, and they do not listen to the words of teachers, teachers, or parents.
  • Mixed: which confuses the symptoms of the two previous types.

Diagnosis of lack of mental focus in children: Before trying to diagnose a child with a problem of lack of mental focus, it must be noted that most children tend to lack focus and attention under the age of five, which does not mean that they suffer from a problem, and the problem can be diagnosed through the class teacher or the specialist doctor Discussions may take place with the child and the parents, in addition to a clinical examination of the child to confirm that he is infected, and then move on to the appropriate treatment method.

Methods of treating the problem of lack of mental focus The method of treatment depends on the severity of the injury and the age of the child and is divided into Non-drug treatment: This method is used in the case of mild and moderate injury, where the parents are subjected to an integrated treatment program that includes:

  • Learn skills to control the child’s behavior and solve his problem.
  • Learn various communication skills to communicate with the child.
  • Trying to help parents understand the emotions and behavior of their children.
  • The class teacher may be asked to intervene and apply different techniques in the classroom to help the child with treatment.
  • Pharmacological treatment, which is carried out by giving the child a group of well-known and famous medicines, but the child must finish the age of six to be prescribed such medicines.