How a Nanny Cam Can Save Your Life

Many of us might have seen the Hollywood movie Nanny Cam directed by Nancy Leopardi. Maybe you read news about parents discovering their children being mistreated by a babysitter. Many such moments have been caught on camera leaving parents shocked, and sometimes delighted. For instance, one babysitter used her presence of mind to save the baby from a home invader. She grabbed the baby just in time and fled to safety. 

What is a Nanny cam? 

Basically, Nanny cams are a type of security device used in homes to monitor your children’s nanny or babysitter in your absence. Parents usually hide them in small objects like a child’s stuffed toy. The camera sends images or videos live to your computer or mobile. So, you can keep an eye on your children from anywhere, even work.  

Where to fix the Nanny cam? 

That mainly depends on what purpose we wish it to serve. To keep the location of the camera discreet,  place it inside commonplace objects or kept out of sight. Similarly, to capture maximum activity, place the Nanny cam at a strategic location, most frequented by the children., such as the living room or playroom.  

Prioritizing Your Childrens’ Safety when with a Nanny 

By helping you keep an eye on the Nanny’s behavior, a nanny cam ensures you that your children are not only safe at her hands but also happy around her. By making sure that your kids are getting the care they deserve, you can feel satisfied that you are not a neglectful parent even if your work forces you to be physically away from them. 


Other Benefits of Nanny Cams 

Other than the most obvious uses, Nanny cams have other benefits too, such as: 

  • Keeping an Eye on Kids’ Behavior and Interaction 
  • Nanny Cams come Handy in the Event of a burglary attempt 
  • The Peace of Mind that Results from Knowing all is well at Home 
  • Nanny cams allow to feel better connected to your children from anywhere 
  • You won’t miss special moments & milestones of your kids’ lives 

Types of Nanny cams and Choosing the right one  

A whole host of Nanny cams are available which function wirelessly, priced between $100 and $500. To make sure you buy the right one, ensure that they have the following basic functions: 

  • Minimum Resolution: 1080p  
  • Slot for SD Card (expandable up to several TBs)  
  • Date & Time stamps on footage  
  • Night Vision  

Additional features like Zoom options & tilting the angle as well as motion detection might also come in handy depending on your requirements.  

Some of the best Nanny Cams of 2021 are: 

1. Wyza Cam Pen: This one is worth $37.98. It’s a wired one with a 360-degree field of vision and works with Alexa.  

2. Blink Indoor: The cost of this one is $79.99. It’s a wire-free device with a 110-degree field of vision and this too works with Alexa.  

3. Google Netcam: The price of this device is $129.99. This is also a wired one with a 149-degree field of vision and works with Google and Lutron.  

Four Things to Consider Before Actually Using a Nanny Cam:  

Before installing the nanny cam we must take four points into consideration: 

  • Placement  
  • State laws  
  • Consent  
  • Security  

We will discuss these points one by one in subsequent sections. It is very important to consider them carefully so as not to indulge in any misunderstandings, breach or trust or breaking the law. 

Ethical Issues and Privacy Concerns Related to a Nanny Cam 

There are several privacy and ethical issues to be considered when using Nanny cam without the consent of caregiver. Is it even ethical to record a babysitters’ actions without their prior approval? Could you instead use a normal security camera while informing them of its presence? 

Moreover, a camera footage can sometimes be misleading and one might end up unnecessarily suspecting or disliking a caregiver. For instance, while a camera might capture a crying baby, the nanny- who is busy preparing a meal for him, might be left out of the picture. Therefore, when in doubt, double check with the caregiver directly.  

Security Issues with Nanny Cams 

Much like baby monitors, footage from security cameras is prone to hacking. It is therefore extremely important that you choose a nanny cam with a VIDEO ENCRYPTION feature. This ensures that no one else can view the footage. This is a necessary step to keep stalkers, peeping toms, and kidnappers at bay. 

The Pros and Cons of Nanny Cams 

The positive aspects of this device are that there is a huge variety of choice. It’s wireless, hidden and prices vary from $100-$500. Video images are traced live and parents feel peace of mind as well as confidence.

The negative aspects of the device are that it’s considered as undesirable because of ethical issues. Trust and respect for Nanny is important and this devices ruptures that. Your Nanny may feel violated or guilty after discovering that she was being monitored.  

Are Nanny Cams Legal? 

While parents would argue that monitoring the children’s safety is a parent’s right, you might want to consider the state law before using such a device. Nanny Cam is legal in usage in 50 states of the US. But in 15 states like California, Florida, Washington, etc. It is illegal to record speech without the consent of the one who is being recorded.