Loss of Appetite in children: Causes and Treatment

The loss of a child’s appetite for food is considered one of the most problems affecting families, and mothers often complain about the problem of loss of appetite in their children, especially at an early stage, and what exacerbates the problem is the mother’s wrong reaction to the matter, such as giving food to her child forcibly, or increasing anxiety grumbling about it; Which preoccupies all family members with the problem of feeding and feeding the child, and because it is also a troublesome problem for the family. In this article, we list to you the causes that lead to the child’s loss of appetite and the appropriate treatment for this problem with some tips for the family.

Causes of loss of appetite in a child :

  • A natural physiological reason, which is that the amount of calories needed by the child’s body between the second and sixth years of his life is less than the calories he needs in his first year.
  • Mouth and tongue ulcers, as well as the teething stage.
  • Viral and bacterial infections, digestive and respiratory diseases, chronic kidney and liver diseases, and congenital heart defects.
  • Mental state; Anxiety, fear, sadness or linking food to an unhappy situation can cause a child to lose their appetite. The method followed by the mother in dealing with the child, and the method of providing food.
  • Eating large amounts of sugary substances and sweets.
  • Irregular eating times.
  • Parents criticizing him while eating food at the table.

Treatment of the problem of loss of appetite in a child:

  • Not forcing the child to eat: Forcing the child to eat makes the child an adverse reaction to this matter, and it is a method of intimidation that is not popular with children. It is better to prepare food for the child and serve it to him and not force him to complete it.
  • Not providing additional meals shortly before the main meal: such as milk, sweets, or others; So that he feels hungry and eats his main meal.
  • Prepare food beautifully: children prefer pancakes and pizza to cooked foods; Due to the variety of vegetables used in them and to enjoy them beautifully and remarkably, therefore, the mother and the family in general should take advantage of this point and present food in an interesting way, such as drawing on food and stacking vegetables in a striking way.
  • Diversity in food: Eating one item for a long time would make the child feel bored, so the mother must leave the opportunity for her son to choose between foods and choose the appropriate food for him.